Wednesday, June 25, 2008

a random list of junk.

1. Yesterday on my run (outside) I was continually intoxicated by the smell of lilacs. Then I was nearly reduced to tears by a dead cat on the sidewalk. This still totally beats the gym, where all I get is sweaty.

2. Remember when I grew herbs? That pot looks drastically different now. The thyme is dead, as is half the rosemary, and the mint is about to take over. The worst part is I'm not sure I even LIKE mint. But I do like mint in water, it's quite refreshing in the summer.

2.5 In other herb news, my basil plant is doing well, and I made some delicious pasta sauce with it the other night.

2.75 Doesn't this eggplant salad look yummy? Also, it has mint in it!

3. Here is my nugget of wisdom for the day: to get clean, you must first get a little dirty. Take that any way you wish.


Mace Elaine said...

My mint isn't happy; the bottom leaves are turning brown and falling off. Depending on who you ask, I'm either over- or under-watering it. Gah!

But I'm not surprised it suffocated your other herbs. Mint is known to do that.

e said...

Actually, my mint doesn't seem AS happy anymore, but I wouldn't even care if it died at this point.

tim j said...

We can all agree that when you have too much mint, you can only do one thing:


e said...

Oh but here's the problem - I DON'T LIKE MOJITOS. But I will gladly provide mint for any other mojito parties.