Thursday, July 17, 2008

how to make crackers - with video!

Deep breaths. Sometimes I do this thing where I think, "I want to put videos of myself on the internet!" and then I do and then I just want to hide under my bed with my cat. And then I slowly come to terms with it, start showing it to people, while running away at the same time. (How do you run away from something on the internet? You post something, then you pretend to FORGET that you posted anything and that people may make comments, or may also completely ignore you. And then hours or days later you slowly come back to the response or lack thereof.)

Where's the video already, right?

How To Make Crackers

(Not embedded because I can't handle that right now. Apologies.)

It's pretty much all in there, except for a few notes.

1. The recipe says 4 servings but that is only true if you eat like a bird. It is, at best, one or two servings for normal people.
2. They only keep a few days. But it doesn't matter because I guarantee you won't be able to keep them around that long.

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