Saturday, July 12, 2008

when in doubt, try baking soda.

I was trying to clean my bathtub today, and you know how it is - you wait way too long, and then there's soap scum everywhere. (Also, I don't get any satisfaction from cleaning unless the thing being cleaned is truly dirty.) I was using my bathroom cleaner, spray spray spray, and it took off the scum in a clear, distinct path where the cleaner had trickled down the tub. I'm not a huge fan of spraying massive amounts of chemicals only to scrub furiously while inhaling the junk. I usually give up at that point, content to live a life of scum.

BUT NOT TODAY, MY FRIENDS. I thought, what the hell, let's try baking soda. I sprinkled some on a wet sponge, and it worked LIKE MAGIC. Scum be gone!

So there you go. I promise to never ever blog about the trials and wonders of cleaning again, but I thought I would be doing a disservice not passing this tip along.

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Sporting said...

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