Monday, June 11, 2007

happy monday.

Some good things for today.

1. Envirosax.
These are much better than all the tote bags you get from schools and from joining npr. Super comfy, super cute. My bag stash is already starting to dwindle. I love it.

2. Make your own fabric, kind of
It's expensive and somewhat limited, but the idea is KEY.

3. Buying a bike that's older than me, found on craigslist. (pictures later)

4. Jumping pictures.
jumping goons


tim j said...

envirosax are waaaaaaaay more fashionable than the $1 bags we got from our local grocery stores. Although one store has nice plasticy ones which is good for the cold/wet stuff. None are nearly as stylish as those, and none are nearly as compact/portable.

We found that it's easy to bring these to the grocery store, but hard to remember to bring these to other stores. I still need plastic bags for some things around the house, though.

e said...

Yeah, they are very stylish but that makes me all the more likely to use them. Yeah, I'm vain like that. I mean really...they could be used for all sorts of other things too!

I have troubles using the bags at non-grocery stores. It's weird still.