Wednesday, June 06, 2007

morning glory.

The time between 5 -6 am might just be my favorite time of the day. I was out the door with my running shoes on at 5:31. I spotted a bright red cardinal in a green tree. I ran by houses and condos and wondered if the people inside were blissfully asleep, hitting snooze for the 3rd time or starting their coffee pot. Why is it that "good morning" sounds better than any other greeting? Caribou is open, but not chaotic. Everything is just calm. Some people are getting to where they need to be, but they're not stressed out about traffic - there is none. In my mind, they're not stressed at all. They are sleepily getting to their first destinations of the day. But then again, not everyone is a morning person. I never really thought I was, either.

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Johnny said...

Happy good times go go yay!