Sunday, June 24, 2007

to market.

This weekend ended up being a weekend of farmer's markets, which was quite fine by me. A review.

Saturday - Mill City Farmers Market

The good news about the Mill City market is that it focuses on all things local and organic, and it also has delectable goodies to munch on while you wander. The bad news is that everyone else knows the good news, which results in all the produce being sold out and massive lines for tarts and donuts. My friend and I settled on some delicious organic bratwurst, which I devoured in about...oh, two minutes? Sadly, right after that we discovered all the local eggs had just sold out. Shucks. Next time we will go early and eat to our heart's content.

Sunday - Downtown St. Paul Farmers Market

While I was disappointed in the downtown market at the beginning of the season, there are now vegetables aplenty and it is wonderful. In fact, there are TOO many vegetables. Today I ended up with mixed greens, kohlrabi, beets, gold potatoes, onions, and strawberries. I passed on broccoli, tomatoes, zucchini, and fresh cut flowers. The good news about the St. Paul farmers market is that it is close, in fact in walking distance. The bad news is that the walk home is mostly uphill, and that gets difficult in the hot sun when you are carrying eight pounds of vegetables.

There's also something really nice about buying what's available and figuring out what to do with it later. I always have some trouble figuring out what to cook, but it's easier when I just think, "You are eating fabulous salads and beet greens because that's what you bought this week. Got it?" I'm hoping to cook a mostly local dinner for friends pretty soon...whee! I'll let you know how that goes.

In other bloggy news, I changed the layout a bit and am organizing my links and sidebars. Of course blogger had to delete a lot of my prior changes, so I'm still working out the kinks.


Johnny said...

ericaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahearts. <3

e said...

Johnny, whatever are you up to?

willikat said...

i love the farmers' market so hard. last week we bought too much stuff though and it was like five hundred degrees and we bought two hanging baskets of flowers besides... we almost didn't make it home...

e said...

Haha, love it hard. Yeah, last weekend was SUPER hot. I thought I was going to pass out.