Sunday, November 09, 2008

how i like my eggs.

- with fully cooked yolks.
- in a sandwich, with cheese and meat.
- scrambled, with a little milk mixed in, and not overcooked.
- not cold, unless they're hard boiled.
- hard boiled, and still a little warm.
- in quiche, with pretty much anything.
- in an omelet, but probably only one I make myself.

(Dear readers, would it be possible for you to think of silly short essay assignments for me? PLEASE?! I'll make you eggs.)


tim j said...

silly short essays for your students?

they're elementary-age, right? how about something like "what didn't happen to me this morning" -- I only think of this because I was reading "And To Think It Happened on Mulberry Street" with Lidia the other day.

other topics:

- the day I became president (or principal?)
- if I had a super power
- one day my ______ came alive! (alarm clock, chair, etc)
- who moved my cheese?
- Analysis of the Sub-Prime Economic Meltdown and the Resulting Effect on World Markets
- if I could have any animal as a pet (where would it live, what would it eat, what would my mom/dad say, etc)

is that what you mean?

e said...

No, I actually meant for me. I need writing ideas! But some of those could work.

Good job on sneaking in the current economy. Haha.

willikat said...

i'm a little stuck for ideas too....i'm having major blog block and i don't know what my problem is.