Tuesday, November 11, 2008

to run or not to run.

Some friends brought up the possibility of running Grandma's Marathon in June. I am totally on the fence on this one. So, I'm making more lists.

Reasons to run a marathon:
- Bragging rights.
- Ability to eat whatever I want, I mean we're talking ice cream and chocolate every day without guilt.
- I've already done it, so I know I can.
- It is pretty empowering and all that.
- If I train in the winter/spring I won't be ruining my summer with training.
- I have a lot of trouble staying up past 11 on Friday nights anyway, so why NOT run an insane amount on Saturday mornings?

Reasons not to run a marathon:
- Been there, done that.
- Such a huge stressful time commitment.
- The last time I trained and worked at the same time, all I did was run, work, and eat.
- Uhh, it's hard and stuff.

Crap there are totally more reasons in the pro column. This was not my goal!


Mace Elaine said...

I love having a goal. Now that our big show is over, I feel kind of aimless and drifty.

e said...

I like having a goal too, but I could choose a much easier goal!

willikat said...

hm. well. you could sort of rank things, so that the painful one and the time commitment thing are just way weightier than the good stuff.then the con list gets waaaay bigger. just sayin'.