Monday, June 20, 2005

i'm waiting on dinner to update this, you know.

Turn your digital photos into polaroid photos
Sweet! see? [if that even works.]

Go forth! and watch the moon this week
I am so happy to be alerted to this.

But don't stay out too long, because tomorrow night you MUST watch PBS
The Education of Shelby Knox looks fascinating. The politics of sex education are just so... baffling. Hm, maybe I'll write more after I see it. [Thank you THOM for reminding me about this, I would have forgotten otherwise.]

During a female orgasm, part of the brain shuts off
“At the moment of orgasm, women do not have any emotional feelings.” INTRIGUING.


Skro-Beast said...

I'm totally excited about the moon, thanks to you. I might even have tried to take pictures, but the article says no way, Jose! It's an illusion that my camera won't fall for. Is my camera smarter than me? Boo.

Skro-Beast said...

I was outside tonight, looking at the moon and not only did I see the wonderfully kind of large moon, but I also saw a shooting star! Thanks, Erica, you make my life richer.

e said...

haha, i totally forgot about the camera thing and stupidly brought mine along as i drove around trying to find a high point. TOMORROW I WILL WIN.