Monday, June 13, 2005

monday, monday.

Not the days of the week really hold much relevance when you don't have a job. Anyway.

Katie Holmes Converts to Scientology
"...the 42-year-old actor [Tom Cruise] was asked if Holmes is curious about Scientology. "Yeah, absolutely. She digs it,'' he tells the magazine."
42? Are you sure he's not like...18? egh.

Dancing Geek
I think his dance moves are just alright, but things like this fascinate me. Geeks using the internet to redeem themselves!

BCBG inspired handmade dress
Even though I doubt I would ever feel comfortable wearing this, it is awe-inspiring. I drool whenever I walk by the BCBG section at Marshall Field's, but please, can I afford designer clothing? This gives me hope. [note to self: get off internet, start sewing.]

I kinda never want to buy processed/pre-packaged food never again.
I stumbled across this looking for pictures of cupcakes, and ...yuck. Look at this picture for apple pie filling!

But yeah, to start the week off right, here you go.


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