Wednesday, June 15, 2005

melts in your mouth

Ted Leo in studio performance/interview on The Current
I saw him last night, what a cutie. I'm amazed at how his voice is so deep and yet he sings so high!

David Sedaris interview
"Because I'm not a funny person." hah, that in itself is funny. Speaking of David Sedaris...

David Sedaris backlash
Their main critique is that Mr. Sedaris is writing about a difficult airplane seatmate, and seems to have run out of familial writing material. Possibly, but it's not like he can ONLY write about his family. My favorite Sedaris work is Me Talk Pretty One Day, which has very few stories about his family. I think Sedaris' writing is great because it's very relateable - the stories aren't so far out there that you think the situations could only happen to a few people [that was my problem with Augusten Burroughs' Running with Scissors]. Not to mention, who hasn't had an uncomfortable experience on an flight?

21 itunes sold per ipod
OH MY GOSH, do you think people might be illegally downloading music? THE HORROR!

chocolate + high fashion = yumminess in more ways than one

I'm seeing sleater-kinney tonight. Hell yes.

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