Wednesday, June 22, 2005

songs with handclaps

Sarah asked and it's really bugging me that I can't think of more.

Q and not U - a line in the sand
Mirah etc - oh! september
Rilo Kiley - the frug
Self - Pattycake
Sleater-Kinney - Turn it on
The Blow - some chocolates
The Blow - Hey boy
The Decemberists - the sporting life (am I remembering this right?)
The Postal Service - Clark Gable
The Shins - kissing the lipless

what else?


sarah said...

oh snap awesome! i had rilo kiley, and you said the q and not u already so i had that. but this is tiiiiiiiight!

courtney said...

'just don't know' -El Guapo

Anonymous said...

Lots of weezer songs, like Buddy Holly or Photograph.

The end of Billy Liar by The Decemberists has applause, if that counts.

Lots of songs by The Brunettes, though I don't know any titles.

By the way, I just clicked this link from your MetaFilter profile because I wanted to complement you on your handle. Have you heard Jason Anderson's cover of that song?

e said...

i do believe that the jason anderson version is the original, and the blow version is the cover. scratch believe, that's true. my cd booklet says so. but i like the blow's version a lot better.

thanks for the songs! i've never heard or even heard of the brunettes.

sarah said...

The Brunettes are AWESOME. I saw them open for Rilo Kiley a few weeks ago, they're great!