Monday, May 12, 2008

dear ben gibbard - you creep me out.

Dear Ben Gibbard,

I'll admit that I liked you back when I was not old enough to legally drink, in fact, I still think you have some good songs off your older albums. I haven't been a super huge fan of your newer stuff, though. Call it being older and wiser, or maybe we've just grown apart. These things happen.

But here's the real problem - you're starting to creep me out. That new song of yours, "I Will Possess Your Heart"...well, it's creepy. The bass line is not so creepy, but you, Mr. Gibbard, totally are.

Now as I listened to your stalkerish lyrics where you insist on calling me "love" and talk about standing outside my window and wishing we'll be lovers someday, I thought that maybe this was one of those "I'm going to channel a stalker and write lyrics like they would" songs. Because if that's not the case, then you're just one of those creepy guys who doesn't even know he's creepy. Don't be that guy!

Alright, I'll admit that I have one unconfirmed report that you were indeed playing the part of a creep in the song, though I cannot find that verified anywhere else. EVEN STILL, that doesn't change the fact that this song irks me to no end because the lyrics are not only creepy, but dumb. I'll probably never be able to listen to any of your music without picturing you staring through my window. I'm shuddering at the thought.


[Video here, mp3 available here.]


willikat said...

i'm laughing out loud at "don't be that guy!"

e said...