Sunday, May 18, 2008

how to get your earrings off your dresser.

Jewelery is tricky to store sometimes. (And even trickier to pack - still haven't figured that out yet.) Necklaces can be hung on pretty or not so pretty hooks, chunky bracelets can go in mugs, but dangly earrings? They become a tangled mess. So I made a hanging solution.

earring box

I got the idea from some magazine that I don't remember the name of, but only remembered this page - in fact, imprinted it into my brain! Anyway, here's what you do.


- Unfinished shadow box (or in this case, a desk tray from Michael's. Closest thing I could find.)
- Acrylic paint and brushes
- Some pretty paper (or maps!) to line the box
- Sawtooth frame hangers and screw-in hooks (found in the framing section, perhaps at hardware stores also?)
- Mod-podge (or Martha Stewart brand decoupage glue)

1. Paint the box in a complimentary color with two coats.
2. Cut your pretty paper to fit inside the box.
3. When the paint is all dry, use mod-podge to glue/seal the pretty paper. (And do a much better job than I did. Sheesh. I blame Martha's silly instruction-less decoupage glue.)
4. When all that is dry (or if you're impatient, uh, not completely), start screwing in the hooks where you want them.
5. Put a sawtooth frame hanger thingamajig on the back.
6. Hang on the wall and give your earrings a happy home!

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Mace Elaine said...

Very clever, and conveniently, my mother has asked me to go to Michael's with her tomorrow. Of course, since I chopped all my hair off a few years ago I barely have any dangly earrings still around...

I do keep all my posts on a ribbon tied to my towel rack, though. It's lovely.