Tuesday, May 13, 2008

jury duty, day 2.

Today was another exciting day of sitting and reading. Let's see. I read, then I graded some papers, then I read some more, then I ate a free burrito, then I went to the library and, uh, read some more, then I photocopied a crossword from the Times and totally finished it with a fellow potential juror. Then we were sent home early. And since it was only 2 PM, I stopped by the Minnesota Museum of American Art across the street. That was fun.

I still maintain that jury duty is half awesome.

Tomorrow is Do Anything But Drive Your Car To Work Day (not the official name). This should be the perfect motivation to bike to work, but I have an interview in the morning. Bike + pencil skirt + heels + sweat + interview = Not a good idea, or perhaps a hot mess.


willikat said...

good luck with the interview! i won't use my car tomorrow. i'm home, writing. weeeee freelancing!

e said...

Thanks! I want to work from home.