Monday, May 19, 2008


My newest food obsession is polenta. I'll admit, I was not very familiar with the stuff but it seemed like something a wannabe foodie should at least be acquainted with. I started off with the tube stuff (just to get my feet wet), and discovered it's really good with my favorite white bean recipe. But since food in tube form seems a bit unnatural, not to mention that it's difficult to turn tubed polenta into mush, I figured I should dive in with the real deal.

But what to make it with??

Tonight was one of those we are going to figure out what we have in the house and make something spectacular, or at least have fun trying. I knew I had spinach and polenta so I googled a bit and came up with this:

polenta with spinach and black beans etc.

I took some onions and garlic and sauteed them in olive oil. Then I added black beans, cumin, crushed red pepper, and a diced tomato. Eventually I added in the spinach and cooked until it was nicely wilted. While all this was happening, I whisked the polenta together. It's served on a bed of polenta, along with some shredded cheddar. And it was super delicious.

Related note #1: That picture is not my best. I would take another one, but it's in my belly. Which is the problem with food photography - you can't stress too long about getting the perfect shot when you're really hungry and just want to dig in.

Related note #2: Just last night I was thinking of how fortunate I was to not have come across any centipedes yet, and then of course I find one in the tupperware I intended to use for leftovers. It was just a baby one, so I thought I should offer it to the cat as a real live toy. But NO. Kitty just stupidly sat on the floor and meowed at me while the centipede scuttled under the oven. Kitty, you whine at me incessantly and follow me around with string pathetically wrapped around you, begging to play, and you can't even take a swipe at a centipede? You are so adorably worthless.

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Johnny² said...

Looks delicious. Truly.