Thursday, May 08, 2008

mirah at the cedar.

I saw Mirah with Spectratone International at the Cedar Cultural Center on Tuesday. Mirah is one of my all time favorite musicians, and even though her newest collaboration had gone under my radar I knew I had to check out the show. Mirah is adorable in this awkward and charming way, and her voice is strong yet not overbearing. Her last album, Share This Place, was a project to combine both music and stop motion video (see example here) based on a theme of insects. Though I haven't heard the album in full, I would say that the experience is better live. The videos certainly compliment the music, so it was a treat to see and hear it all together along with Mirah's between song banter. She did a few songs that weren't from the album, and to close the audience provided the ba-dumma-dum-dums for "Pollen." Overall, it was a charming night - I know, I already used that word, but it describes her so perfectly.

Also? She's playing again at the Triple Rock on May 30. Hooray!

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