Sunday, May 04, 2008

spring and other things.

- I went to the farmer's market for the first time of the season today. I was worried it wasn't open when I walked up - it was, just pretty empty. I picked up some herbs and put them in a pot, and then realized that was maybe a bad idea since some might need more water or less water but whatever. I can always move them.

- I also took my bike for spin today...the gears aren't perfect, but it's still good. But man, I feel so out of shape. Never mind that my biking muscles are never really formed, but even with running I feel tired after a few miles.

- My stupid window air conditioning unit has been sitting on the floor since last fall. [Long story as to why it was never put away in the first place.] Now the stupid thing is taking up a third of my nice window, and I'll probably use it four this summer.

- I made myself a tumblr. Part of me is excited by it, but I'm also annoyed that instead of having one place where I can post everything I feel pressure to splinter things off. I shouldn't post links here now, they should go there! And then you (all four or so of you) readers will be pressured to check not one but TWO sites, and I understand why you might not. And to top it all off, I'm still interested in twitter! (Except that seems more like a thing you do because your friends do it and you're all connected, and I can't think of that many friends I know on there so I would feel silly and unpopular.) So a plea to all web 2.0 people - will you please stop making websites for every tiny little purpose that are so attractively designed?

Shit, I just thought of another idea: a site for only complaining about how hard it is to keep up with all the other sites. It could be called I'm stopping now.


Johnny² said...

I agree with

Between facebook and myspace and twitter and flickr and my blog and GTI, not to mention IM clients, I just don't know where to talk about what anymore.

e said...

The worst is when I try to tell a friend a story and they're like, "yeah, I know, I read it on your blog."

thom said...

the irony of complaining about the internet on the internet is slaying me (=

e said...

Where else am I going to complain about the internet? IN REAL LIFE?!

thom said...

fair enough